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Support us at the Cambridge Half Marathon 2024

Arts and Minds is kindly being supported by two mental health champions in the TTP Cambridge Half Marathon 2024.


Ben's story: Ben was never the sportiest kid at school, although he did play squash and continued through to university. Deciding to take the fitness path after university Ben qualified as a gym instructor, and then went on to become a personal trainer. Ben has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals, from just getting active and losing weight, to running their first marathon and building a level of fitness for a specific sport.


Ben runs purely to maintain his mental health and there are many days with life's challenges when it isn't easy.  Please support Ben!

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Mark's story: He may be retired but Mark is working hard to push physical and mental boundaries in his ongoing fitness quest. Amazingly, Mark has run all the Cambridge Half Marathons! Each time it gets more challenging. So does he find running easy? Absolutely not. Is it a challenge? You bet! Is it fulfilling? Sure - especially afterwards!


Mark is a passionate advocate for mental health and exercise. He advises it's never too late to start, fast walking to running is a good way in. Meanwhile Mark will be hoping for cool weather and hopes the buzz of the crowd support will get him through. Please support Mark!

Arts and Minds are experiencing a funding crisis and really need your support. Please donate.


A  HUGE thanks to our brilliant mental health runners! Did you know it's our charity's first time at the Cambridge Half Marathon? 

Many thanks for donating and showing you care about mental health and the programmes we deliver. 

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Fundraise for Arts and Minds as you run the 2025 Cambridge Half Marathon!

Thank you - your support will change the lives of people living with mental health challenges.

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