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Creative Break

What is it?

Creative Break is our ‘corporate’ offering, where we plan and deliver art-focused sessions for organisations committed to supporting the mental health of their employees. Arts-based interventions can reduce stress and anxiety, and increase people’s ability to problem-solve, foster better relationships and increase self awareness and confidence to manage change.


Even better, Creative Break offers mutual benefit - by commissioning us to run sessions for your organisation, you also help to support the programmes we have run for individuals and the local community since 2008.


What do previous clients say?

"I enjoyed the sense of togetherness and positivity"

"I enjoyed listening to others describe their creations, and being led by a lovely artist and encourages to do something relaxing, enjoyable and do-able"

'It was a good experience and time just flew. I wished it was a bit longer!"


What do you offer?

We work with you and your people to design and deliver workshops that can contribute to improving the wellbeing of your staff and are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Depending on your requirements, we can also explore bespoke arts programmes that contribute to improved learning, leadership and communication as well as helping you to embed your values and improve your physical space.


Benefits include:

  • Helping you retain and recruit staff

  • Improving the wellbeing and morale of your staff

  • Finding new ways for you to understand the needs of your staff

  • Improving your physical environment

  • Using the arts to add value to your service/products

  • Raising your organisational reputation and profile


How do I find out more and sign up?

If you have any questions, please email our Charity Director, Emily Bradfield to organise a chat to find out more about your requirements:

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